About: I'm in 5th grade and I am really smart. I am in a gifted program. I play baseball and other sports. I participate in school clubs and activities. I used to play the piano. I read riddles for over an hour almost every school day. Sometimes on weekends.

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Cheese (medium)

Question: What type of cheese is made backwards?

Question: Can you name the two days starting with T besides Tuesday and Thursday?

Question: Which eight-letter word still remains a word after removing each letter from it?

Bananas (easy)

Question: A monkey, a squirrel, and a bird are racing to the top of a coconut tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel, or the bird?

I like trains (medium)

Question: If an electric train is travelling south, which way is the smoke going?

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Joke: Knock Knock: Who's There?: Cows Go: Cows Go Who?: No Silly, Cows Go MOOOOOOO!!!!

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