About: I'm saved through Jesus I'm chirrachua apache I'm single with no kids. I'm an Aquarian I'm very creative & express my creativity many ways, sketching, paintings, sculpting, fashion design, photography, post art design, web design interior design, short story/childrens books, poetry, doll making, croche, and beading. What do I do for fun? Whatever I want! a


Author's Riddles

How many? (medium)

Question: 30 cows 28 chickens How many didn't?

Glue-pers (medium)

Question: What type of glue isn't sticky?

Glue-pers (medium)

Question: What type of glue is never sticky?

Riddle #1123 (medium)

Question: You can sweep me up or let me fall If you get rid of me I'll come back Treat me wrong and I'll embarrass you But if you ignore me I'll just stay longer What am I?

Question: A construction crew is contracted to build a 60 floor highrise. They have completed 58 floors & are busy working on the 59th. One clumsy construction worker doesn't watch where he's going, trips, losing his balance and falls from the ladder to the ground below. Amazingly he isn't hurt. What saved him?

Early Bird (medium)

Question: A woman had a job interview at 8AM. She set her clock for 6AM. The alarm wakes her at the set time. Thinking she would make a good impression by arriving for the interview early, she quickly jumps in the shower. At 8AM she doesn't show for her interview. She has been rushed to the hospital emergency room. What happened?

Mmm Mmm Good! (medium)

Question: A man comes home from work and greets his wife, who is cooking dinner. "Mmm! What are you cooking?", he asks. She tells him, but doesn't tell him. So he asks, "Well, what kind of food is that?" Once again she tells him, but doesn't tell him. How is this possible?

Golden Oldie (medium)

Question: A kitchen faucet, a tomato and lettuce competed against eachother in a race. What was their finishing order?

Question: A quantum physicist is conducting a seminar in the campus auditorium at California's Institute of Technology. Half way through it, a man dressed as a clown walks in. The man steps up to the podium and announces that he is able to answer any question about anything correctly and without hesitation. The professor asks if he is a physicist & the man says he is not. He is then asked his profession. He says that he is a clown for hire. Everyone laughs. The professor accepts the challenge and asks the man a series of difficult questions. The man answers each one correctly. Then the students began to ask the man questions. No matter what he was asked, he always had a correct answer. How did he do it?

Time (medium)

Question: Without looking at a watch or clock, what's the exact time at this moment?