About: 1:Why did the chicken cross the road? 2:Why? 1:To get to the idiot's house! 2:... 1:... 1:Sorry, that was bad. Knock knock! 2:Who's there? 1:The chicken.

Author's Riddles

Question: Tommy is in a cave. He stops to find two tunnels. There is a guard before each tunnel. Tommy knows two things: 1. One tunnel leads to the fields of punishment and the other fields of rewards 2. One guard always lies and the other always tells the truth. Tommy can only ask one yes or no question to either one of the guards. The tunnels and guards look exactly the same. What question can Tommy ask to get to the fields of rewards and not death?

Lima Beans! (medium)

Question: A lady just married a man. They do not have enough money to stay in a decent hotel. The couple stays with the man's mother. The man's mother has a jar full of lima beans, the lady's favourite food. The lady takes one lima bean each day they stay. The man's mother suspects the lady's theiving, but does not say a word. One day, the man's mother and wife are cleaning the kitchen together. The lady sees the man's mother looking at her eying the jar, now half full of lima beans. The lady finds one on the counter top and holds it up to the man's mother. She says three words that relieves the man's mother's suspection. What are those three words?

What am I? (medium)

Question: I walk very slowly, but do not exist. Many people think I'm cool and want to be me. I am very easy to avoid but not as easily defeated. Many horror movies hold me, but do not. What am I?

Riddle #1762 (medium)

Question: A lady had just gotten married. Her husband's mother decided to live with them for a week. She brought her taffy specials that she made. The husband's wife decided to take one while the mother was asleep. She loved it and kept taking one each night for 6 nights. The mother suspected her, but she was more clever. One day, the mother and her were cleaning. She purposely knocked of one little taffy and spoke three words that convinced the mother that she wasn't taking the taffy. What three words did she speak?

What am I? (medium)

Question: I lie a lot, and have to be removed to move. Lots of people love me and love my lies. I am very soft and many things get lost in me. What am I?