About: I am a writer . I love reading, and answering riddles . I also create stories with a riddle. I enjoy poem writing,and reading .

Author's Riddles

Here I come (medium)

Question: I'm one. but I can overcome ten with one swing and a spin . What am I?

'Ohch' (medium)

Question: What has teeth but doesn't bite ?

I'm hungry (medium)

Question: Why couldn't the skinny man eat all of his fat burger?

What you say (medium)

Question: What has a lot to say but can't be heard because it can't speak one single word?

No legs (medium)

Question: What walks but doesn't have legs?

Question: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. A man walks a straight line 50 feet, in 50 seconds. It took him twice as long to walk the same line back. Why?

Fast and slow (medium)

Question: What's wet and dry Takes you low Moves real fast And kills you slow ?

How is that ? (medium)

Question: How is a persons heart, and a raging river are alike ?

I show up (medium)

Question: I climb to the top I dive below I return again For another show.

Guess what ? (medium)

Question: I start at the beginning and I finish at the end I fly through the middle and I return again.

Desert (medium)

Question: What desert can you eat out of a cup with out a spoon or fork ?

Question: What sandwich can tell where you are and what you are eating?