About: Hi I love once upon a time (tv show) I hate most people I need captain swan to happen I live off of YouTube, Starbucks,music,once upon a time,and Jesus. I sing,and play the, guitar,ukulele,piano and recorder, and some of the banjo. I have no life

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Destroy (medium)

Question: I break down buildings I crumble mountains You can't see me What am I?

Math train (medium)

Question: You are the conductor of a train... And at your first stop 5 people walk in, At your next stop 2 people walk out, and 12 walk in, at your next stop 6 walk in and 4 walk out, at your next stop 12 people walk out and 9 people walk in, at your next stop 3 people walk in, and 1 person walks out. Who is the train conductor?

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Joke: What did the football payer say to the gumball machine?

Punch line: Hey! Give me my quarterback!!

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