About: When you don't know what I am, then I am something but when you know what I am, I am nothing. What am I?

Author's Riddles

Question: I always listen to my Master, I never disobey. From my path I never stray to destroy what's in my way. What am I?

Question: What lightens the light and darkens the dark?

perfection (medium)

Question: 1 is 3, 3 is 5, 5 is 4, 4 is perfect. Why?

Question: I was crucified to keep murders out of the maze. What am I?

Question: I sit on a bridge so you might see just how clear the world can be. What am I?

Faster (medium)

Question: Who's tallest is faster then it's shortest but it's thinnest is faster then it's tallest?