About: I am Ma. Crista Niña M. Ariosa. I am 9 years old. I am now grade 4

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Question: In Colorland, there was a party. Red tried out the hardest adventures and he was never scared for his color, red, symbolized courage. Orange looked at the sun with a smile for his color is the color of the sun in space. Yellow went on laughing for her color symbolizes happiness. Green went on in the fresh grass for grass is his color. All the colors were happy. However, Blue stared at the horizon, crying. Why he is not happy?

Question: There was a man who sleeps from 10:00 p.m to 5:00 a.m. He never wakes up between his sleeping time. During 12:00 midnight, he found himself in his neighbor's house. His neighbor is sleeping. He secretly stole his precious frame. Then, it was 5:00 a.m. He woke up and by 7:30 a.m he visited his neighbor's house. There he sees his neighbor's precious frame. He thought he stole it. How is this possible?

I love you!! (medium)

Question: I am like the sparkling treasure. I can imitate someone. I am a rainbow god. I can see your beauty. I can give you a shield from gadgets. But my bones may break if you fall me. Who am I??

Question: I am a teacher, yet I am not a human nor a robot.

Question: What glass protects you from the sun but does not lets you see near?

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Joke: There was a rich man who got lost from his house 10 kilometers away for 5 years. He forgot where his house is. He just sleeps under a tree. One day, he found a shop. He bought a map and a compass. He used it to find a house and steal treasure. In his map, he found a large mansion, which is his house. He was so happy and ran so fast that his map flew away. After 30 minutes of running, he was sad that he lost his map. In his surprise, he found his house ( remember, he forgot his house ). He opened the door secretly and found out that no one is there. He went to the storage room and stole the gold and diamonds in it. He went to the bedroom to sleep because he was tired from his run. When he entered the room, he found the picture of him and his family along with his journal. He said, "Why did the house owner stole my things? But I don't care, I stole his treasure.". When he realized it, he shouted out loud a word. What is the word?

Punch line: He shouted out loud, "This is my House!!!".

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Joke: Person: What is your name? Whoareyou: Whoareyou. Person: My name is Dan. How about you? Whoareyou: My name is...... Whoaeyou! Person: I SAID MY NAME IS DAN! SAY IT, ARE YOU DEAF! Whoareyou: I am not deaf. My name is..... Whoareyou! Person: Silly man. ( leaves )

Punch line: The person cannot understan Whoareyou but Whoareyou always forgets his name?

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