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I'm The One (medium)

Question: I'm the one that gives you information, I'm the one that lets you have the ability to control yourself, I'm the one that stores all memories and without me you'll be dead in a instant. What am I?

Blindness (medium)

Question: Without me you're blind but once you touched in the right place you can turn me on. What am I?

Question: I always wait unit you're off guard or get older so you can become easier to attack. Once your body is weak, I strike inside you and try to kill you. What am i

Jelly (medium)

Question: I live in the dark, I have no heart and I'm just like jelly, if you touch me I'll stung you. What am I

Question: What's small like a mouse but protects like a lion?

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Joke: What race is the number one at getting horny all the time

Punch line: The human race

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