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Hard (medium)

Question: There was a man who wanted to jump in a pool but there was a formation of ice on the surface of the water.Sunlight gleamed and reflected onto the surroundings.You have rope and a deluxe collection of chocolates.A lifeguard is sitting asleep nearby and has a cellphone in his pocket.There are three kids sitting gloomily at the edge of the pool.There is 10 mins for the pool to close.A family nearby is having a picnic with a lot of chili to spare and there are blue fishes in a nearby lake.The temperature is -10C if the man does not heat himself in 3 mins, he will die of hypothermia.How does the man get into the water?

Hhhh (medium)

Question: What is hhh

Ok (medium)

Question: What's 7+7

Quacker (medium)

Question: What looks like a duck but is red?

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Joke: Once there was a red goober who lived in the ocean and tried to fish for eagles.However there was a problem, He didn't know how to solve science.

Punch line: He goofed

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