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Animal Q's? (medium)

Question: There is a.. Cat Bird Snake Monkey Buffalo Kangaroo ? What could be next??

Question: A king and I queen wanted to have a private party with only people that they knew. They decided to make a password to get into the part. On the day of the party a man who wasn't invited wanted to get into the party so he paid attention to what the people with the passwords were saying. Guard: cow Person: farm *next person* Guard: wolf Person: woods *next person* Guard: fish Person: water The intruder thought he had the password so when the guard said... Guard: bird Intruder: tree He was thrown out of the party, why? What could have he used for the password?

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Joke: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the stupid persons house. Knock knock Who's there? The chicken... :)

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