About: I am a guy who likes riddles.

Author's Riddles

Addition (medium)

Question: How can you add one line to this equation so that it makes sense. 5+5+5=500

Life (medium)

Question: I destroy rock and mountains. I wear down the toughest. Most of me will kill you, But the richest use me without consequence. What am I?

Crucial (medium)

Question: You see me for 1/3 of your life, Yet you take me for granted. You see me for less than a second 40,000 times a day, Yet you only know half of me. I am crucial for you to be well rested, For without me recover is not possible. What am I?

Riddle #1169 (medium)

Question: You may always chase me but you are always about 3 miles away.

What am I?

The cosmos (medium)

Question: There are men who can talk in space, even thought it is a vacuum. Who are they.