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Two Stones (medium)

Question: The rich landlord wants to marry the beautiful farmer's daughter. He tells the daughter that if she doesn't marry him, he will evict her father from the farm and they will be homeless. She begs for mercy. Slyly, the landlord agrees to allow her one chance to stay. He pulls a bag from his pocket, and reaches down and picks up 2 stones from the rocky path then places them in the bag. Reach into the bag and pull out one stone. If you pull out the black stone you will agree to marry me. If you pull out the white stone you and your father can live here rent free. The problem is that she knows that he picked up two black stones and no matter which one she selects she will be forced to marry him. What can she do to avoid marrying the greedy landlord?

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Joke: Two eager athletes approach the football coach telling him they want to play on his football team. Okay says the coach, but first we have to give you a test to see if you're intelligent enough to play on my team (select your least favorite college team). They go to the classroom for the test. The first question on the test is " Old MacDonald had a ______." After a few minutes, one of the guys whispers to the other... "Hey... what did old MacDonald have?" The other guy exclaims, "You dummy! Old MacDonald had a FARM!!" "Ohh Yeah.... Okay." says the first guy. A couple of minutes later, the first guy whispers again... " Hey... how do you spell FARM?" "Oh c'mon you dummy. Don't you remember the song?

Punch line: "Old Mac Donald had a farm! E-I-E-I-O!!!"

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