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Cats (medium)

Question: If one cat is a mother, one cat a sister, one cat an aunt, one cat a cousin, one cat a grandma and one a granddaughter, how many cats are there?

Riddle #2538 (medium)

Question: Emily has one brother, two sisters and three bowls. Last year, each sibling had a bowl. Is this possible? If so, why is there only two people in the house.

Question: You are in Italy for a holiday. You book a hotel. You go a room. It has only a pair of socks, a light bulb, a TV, a remote, a bag and a phone. You search for the English Channel. How do you find it?

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Joke: A foreign woman walked into a hairdresser shop while she was on holiday. "Can you cut my hair into-" she pointed at a lady posing for the style in a picture. "-that style?" "We only do it with bangs," the hairdresser replied irritably. "Boss said so. Don't know why. People these days." "Ok." So the foreign customer went to the shop and bought some gunpowder. An hour later, in the storeroom, the boss heard a bang. "People these days," said she.

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