About: I love riddles. I love testing my classmates and watching them struggle to get it.

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Paris (medium)

Question: What`s in the middle of Paris?

Swimming! (medium)

Question: 20 people jump into an empty swimming pool but 24 heads come up. How did this happen?

Question: I have the same mum as somebody else,the same dad,the same birthday,the same age and the same sisters but we are not twins. What are we?

Question: I walk on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs in the afternoon and 3 legs in the evening, What am i?

Question: First think of a person that lives in disguise, who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies next tell me the thing thats last to mend the middle of middle and end of end and finally tell me the word often heard when in a search for a hard to find word now string them together and answer me this wich creature would you be unwilling to kiss.

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Joke: What do you call a zebra with no stripes?

Punch line: A horse!

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