Author's Riddles

Question: While the barracuda uses opportunity and speed to prey on other large fish, it has little interest in humans. Barracuda attacks on humans are rare; but when they do, what is the reason?

Question: A deer ran through a glass door on the back porch of a house. It broke through the large exterior pane of glass and ended up inside the house. Why did the deer do this?

Question: I am flat, I am sharp; but I cannot hurt you. What am I?

Movie Ticket (medium)

Question: Movie ticket sales are all tracked electronically these days. So why would the movie theater ticket taker want to keep half of your ticket when you enter?

Faulty Radio (medium)

Question: You listen to a small battery-powered portable AM/FM radio. After a while you notice that the earbuds you connect to it permanently stop working one ear bud at a time. The pattern persists each time you get a new pair of earbuds. Why?

Question: A riddle that you cannot answer.

Question: You walk down a path through the woods everyday. You always walk by one particular large rotting log which weighs over a ton. The next day you notice that there is another large log underneath the familiar one that you've never seen before. How did it get there?

Question: You have to scrub the entire floor of a diner's lobby with soapy water and a deck brush (with a handle). What is the first thing you can do to ensure it dries as quickly as possible, before the diner opens for business?