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Secret (medium)

Question: Something light on the tounge heavy on the scale, when it's uttered it's no longer gold. What is it.

Question: I wake up and dive in the sea. You see two of me. I move yet you think I'm following you. When it's all set you go to Rest. What am i

Question: ONE word light on the tung, yet heavy on the scale. It never gets old , when its told it's no longer gold.

Question: You can call me a home, but I have no doors.
Someone lives inside me, but leaves when there's no more.

What am I?

Question: I give you a can flipped upside down. In the sea it dives. What is that can?

Riddle #353 (medium)

Question: I am a cave full of bones,
and the house of a worm.

What am I?