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The Funeral (medium)

Question: A woman goes to a funeral. At the funeral, she falls in love with a man. The next day, she shoots her sister. Why did she do it?

The Wife (medium)

Question: A wife shoots her husband, then hangs him. But the husband is still alive. How did they do it?

The Wife (medium)

Question: A wife shoots her husband, drowns him, then hangs him. But, he is still alive. How did she do it?

Round House (medium)

Question: A man, his two daughters, a butler, and a maid are living in a round house. One day, the man was murdered. Using the following information, who did it and how? The two daughters were playing ball when their father was murdered. The maid was making sandwiches while the man was murdered. The butler was sweeping the corners when the man was murdered.

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Joke: Sherlock Homes and his partner, Watson, are going camping. After a few hours of sleeping under their tent, Sherlock wakes up Watson. When Watson finally wakes up, Sherlock says "Watson, look up, what do you see?" "I see billions of millions of stars in the distant universe." Replied Watson. In respones, Sherlock says "And what can you conclude from that?" Watson begins to go deep into the theory of space, but less than three sentences in, Sherlock cuts of Watson and says "No you idiot, it means someone stole our tent."

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