All About GRiN:)

The Site was founded and launched in July of 2013 by brothers Justin Zablocki and Trevor Zablocki. GRiN:) (short for is a stimulating entertainment website serving up the best riddles, jokes, and puzzles on the Web. Unlike other sites, GRiN:) aims to build a database of GOOD riddles and jokes without being too repetitive or all-inclusive. Like some sites, we take in user submissions, however, we closely monitor quality. Remember: A big selection does not guarantee a good selection.

The Team

Our small staff works to build new features, create new content, and share our stuff online. Our team consists of two experts in their fields: One developer and one writer.

Justin Zablocki

Justin is head of development and works on site features from the front to the back. He attended Central Michigan University and graduated with a degree in Mathematics and Economics. His background is in Web development with skills in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, LAMP environments, and software engineering.

Justin's interests outside of GRiN:) include fitness, cats, TV shows like True Blood, Dexter, and South Park, and game development. If you wish to contact him, his email is [email protected].

Trevor Zablocki

Trevor is the mastermind behind the riddles and jokes of GRiN:) writing much of the content and moderating user submissions. He works on blogging, social networking, and online relations to share our site with the world. He is attending Central Michigan University where he studies pure mathematics. He also has a heavy background in Web development and is skilled in graphic design.

Trevor's interests include fitness, writing music, South Park, and living life on the edge. If you wish to contact him, his email is [email protected].

Our Blog

Read about the newest news from the GRiN:) team. Learn about what's going on with the site and what we're planning.

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If you have questions or ideas for us, please let us know by sending us an inquiry.