Best Riddles and Answers


Question: A man entered a house. There was no one else in the house. He walked in to a room, stopped, and slowly raised his hands above his head. After a moment, he turned around, let out a laugh, and left. Why?

50% ÷ 2 (medium)

Question: What is 50% divided by 2?

What am i (medium)

Question: I run out of battery but never need to be changed what am I?

Longest WoRD (medium)

Question: What's the longest word in the dictionary?

Question: You go camping and realize you forgot your sleeping bag. You get it come back and then realize you forgot your flashlight. You go and get it, but when you come back you find your sleeping bag is missing. You then find out you forgot your tent. When you go back and get it you see your sleeping bag, get it and leave your tent. You go back to the camp site remembering you left your tent at home. You also come to see your flashlight is now missing. You get your tent and see your flashlight, you get that too. You then see your sleeping bag is gone. You are so exosted you leave it at home. Why does every thing keep going missing?