Riddles of Pokémon 2

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Riddles of Pokémon 2


Since our first Pokémon riddle article was such a success we have decided to make a part two! The first can be found here. In this article we explored the many puzzles and riddles from the Nintendo games, and we didn't forget about the anime.

In the 58th episode of the show, entitled "Riddle Me This," Ash, Brock and Misty head to Cinnabar Island to face a gym leader. One of the locals tells them a riddle to find the gym, but when they arrive to the gym it has been shut down. After this disappointment they try to go to the world-famous Pokémon Lab on the island only to find it is a tourist trap. After all of these disappointments they try to find lodging only to find they are all full up. Everything seems to be going wrong, however, Ash is then reminded that the man who gave them a riddle also gave him a business card for an inn. The business card contained yet another riddle that must be solved to find the inn. Misty solves this riddle just like the first one, allowing them to find the inn, and as a bonus they are allowed to stay for free. But the Pokémon Lab is under attack by Team Rocket. Ash saves the day as always and recieves a final riddle from the local man about the location of the gym. While in the hot springs, Togepi stumbles upon the gym and Ash battles the local man who turned out to actually be the gym leader, Blaine. For the full summary of this episode visit Bulbapedia. The riddles from the show go as follows:

  1. What do tourists think is hot and cool?
  2. If you look near the swing, you'll see my hands, or at least your face.
  3. It's in the place where firefighters never win.

The answers for these riddles are as follows:

  1. The hot springs.
  2. A clock at the inn.
  3. The valcano.

Another great riddle/puzzle from the show that is featured in most of the shows is the "Who's that Pokémon?" game. Even though it is ridiculously easy, there was no joy greater as a child than figuring it out before they announced the Pokémon after returning from commercials. The first one to be shown in the English version of the anime show is shown above featuring Pikachu.

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