Riddles of National Treasure 2

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Riddles of National Treasure 2


National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets is a 2007 film and the sequel to the popular original National Treasure. Although the sequel wasn't originally planned, the first movie of the series did so well that they approved this sequel. The sequel achieved more popularity than the original, out-selling it in just over a month. Ben Gates is back and he has to clear his family's name from their association with the Abraham Lincoln assassination after Mitch Wilkinson reveals an old diary page making this association. Ben must solve countless riddles in order to find a large lost Indian treasure. The first riddle of the story comes in the first scene where Ben's great great grandfather is solving a puzzle for John Wilkes Booth and is killed when he figures out he is still loyal to the South. His dying words:

the debt that all men pay

Shortly after Ben receives a paper from civil war times that contains a cipher that he figures out to mean 'Laboulaye Lady'. This is a riddle because a man named Laboulaye proposed the Statue of Liberty be built for America. This riddle points Ben to France to see the scale replica of the statue. Along with the final words of his great great grandpa the riddle on the statue:

Across the sea, these twins stand resolute to preserve what we are looking for. 1876.

Ben is able to figure out that the riddle is talking about Resolute desks that belong to the President of the United States and the Queen of England. The answer to the riddle from his grandfather in the beginning is taxes. Once he discovers the answer he realizes he must travel to the desks to see why they are so important. After gaining access to the queen's desk he discovers that the desk is a puzzle box and Ben finds ancient hieroglyphics on an old plank of wood. But the plank is incomplete and Ben's mother, an expert on these kinds of languages, can only translate part of it. Ben is able to gain access to the president's desk as well but it is empty. After getting the president alone he is able to get him to reveal the real location of the Book of Secrets, the Library of Congress. In the book he finds that Mount Rushmore was created as a cover-up for the ancient Indian treasure. The final clue comes when they discover the general location of the treasure near Mt. Rushmore:

The entrance shall only be revealed under a cloudless rain.

The answer to this riddle is that they must pour water on the rocks to find the symbol of the treasure on a sunny day.

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