Riddles of Adventure Time

By: Justin Zablocki (author, Zablocki Bros. LLC) on September 6th, 2013 12:00 AM.


Riddles of Adventure Time


Adventure Time, one of Cartoon Network's gems, chronicles Finn (a boy) and his dog Jake's adventures through the Land of Ooo. It is meant for children but has become popular across many age groups. With the adventures comes some funny riddles that Jake and Finn encounter.

Tell me, voyager, what is simple, and yet also a riddle?

This riddle comes in the episode "Rainy Day Daydream" when Jake is creating several imaginary monsters, one of them being the Riddle Master. If the riddles are not answered correctly you will face death by poisonous snakes. Even though Finn can't answer the riddle he simply says it sucks and kicks a missile at him (according to Jake). According to the creator of the show there is no answer to this riddle.

The next 'riddle' comes from the Gate Key-per in the episode "The Enchiridion!" when Jake and Finn are trying to enter the gate to Mount Cragdor.

Greetings, young heroes-to-be! This mountain is called Cragdor. It's purpose is two-fold; to protect the Enchiridion and to test the hearts of those who seek to possess it!

The riddle here is how to get through the gate. The solution is to use the Key-per, whose hat is a key, to open the door.

The final riddle comes from the Adventure Time game: Hey Ice King! Why'd you steal our garbage?! The 'riddle' comes from The Ice King and really sums up the game with how easy it is.

To find your sword, don't eat bread. Just walk in your house, it's under Finn's bed.

This quite literally means it is under his bed.

These funny riddles have given joy to many people just as Adventure Time has. Enjoy, but most importantly, enjoy riddles.

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