Riddles from Pretty Little Liars

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Riddles from Pretty Little Liars

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For fans of Pretty Little Liars, the notion of cryptic messages, hidden meaning, and, dare I say, riddles is not unfamiliar. Based on the novels by Sara Shepard, this TV series on ABC Family follows the struggles of Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hannah as they are tormented by an unrelenting mystery person simply known as "A" and their attempts to discover the truth behind his/her identity.

For those unfamiliar with the show, these four friends had a fifth friend, Allison, who was murdered. The identity of the murderer is unknown, however, that is not to say there have not been many suspects. A bold, daring, and often trouble-starting young lady, Allison developed many strong enemies before she was murdered one year prior to the start of season 1. In the opening season, the four friends begin receiving texts from a mystery person, "A", who seems to know a lot about them and their secrets. "A" sets up the four friends, leads them on wild adventures, and often hurts those closest to them. "A" has run down Hannah in a car, attempted to frame the four friends for Allison's murder, and has even seemingly murdered a number of people. Always present, there is the suspicion that "A" may in fact be Allison who may have faked her death. Regardless of who "A" is, he/she seems to enjoy elaborate puzzles and setups in his/her quest for revenge.

Often accompanying the dirty deeds of "A" are text messages and notes sent to Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hannah. These texts and notes have contained a number of riddles and puzzles for the girls to solve. Throughout the seasons the show has aired, here are some of the notable riddles left by "A":

Airing in season 3, here is a riddle left for the little liars to solve:

Little girls love me, little liars don't. I look like you. I have eyes, but I can't see. My skin never feels cold. I can't hear you when you scream. If you drop me, I will shatter. But you can't break my heart, because I don't have one. My rosy lips are sealed. What am I?

In case you were unable to guess, the answer ended up being a doll that contained yet another clue for the girls to solve. Sure, that one was pretty easy, but not everything "A" says is so easily decrypted. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! For those of us who have kept up on the show, we are all well aware that Mona was working for "A" and is quite crazy herself. In season 3, while being held at a mental hospital, Mona leaves clues for the girls in the form of a riddle or puzzle. She seems to be saying some crazy stuff, but there is meaning in the things she says to Aria and Hannah. Here are the messages, see if you can solve them:

"Miss Aria You're A Killer, Not Ezra's Wife"

Figure out what it means? Well, I'll give you the answer to this one so you can have a hint when trying to solve the next few. This message actually means to tell the girls that "MAYA KNEW". Here's the next few:

"Where Were We? Maya's Away Sleeping Sweet, Until Garrett's All Rosy, Count on Me"
"No One To Save Ali From Evil"
"I Missed My Dolls"

Try solving these before reading more. Ok, so the answers to these messages are as follows: "www.massugar.com", "not safe", and "im md". Exactly what these mean is a little vague and left for interpretation throughout the show.

Not all clues are left up for "A" and his/her possy to leave for the viewers of Pretty Little Liars, though. On Good Morning America, some members of the cast left four clues for the audience to help them learn the identity of "A". As the show is currently in season 4, we are still unsure as to the identity of "A", leaving this riddle to be solved:

  1. "A" admires one of the PLLs more than the others.
  2. "A" loathes one of the PLLs more than the others.
  3. "A" has a motive to justify "A's" evil deeds.
  4. "A" wants a playmate.

See if you can figure out who "A" is. With all of the crazy plot twists and new characters in constant motion in this TV series, I'm unsure if we will ever really know.

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