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Joke: A woman with brown hair goes to the doctor and tells him "Doctor! I think something is really wrong. My entire body hurts when I touch it." She touches her arm, legs, and stomach screaming in pain each time.

The doctor looks at her for a second and asks "Do you dye your hair?"

The woman surprised says "Yeah I'm naturally blonde. How did you know?"

The doctor replies "That's what I thought, your finger is broken."

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Joke: Why shouldn't you tell an egg a joke?

Punch line: It might crack up!

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Joke: Tom walks into his boss' office and tells him, "Sir, I know things are going the best around here but I have three companies that have contacted me recently. I would like a raise."

His boss agrees and after debating the amount for a while they agree on a 5 percent raise. When Tom gets up to leave his boss asks him, "What companies contacted you?"

Tom smiles and says, "The cable, electric, and water company."

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Joke: What did the baby computer say when he saw his father?

Punch line: Data!

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Joke: A man owns a rabbit farm and is known around the world for his rabbits who can lift more than any man. A little boy asks him "How do you keep your rabbits so strong?"

The man replies, "It's no secret." He pulls out a bottle of shampoo and says, "Keeps your hares strong!"

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