Jatinder Kumar Ahooja

About: I've just worked for 2 yrs. because health didn't permit. I'm taking 12 prescribed medicines daily which give me excessive sleep - 10 to 12 hours daily. I've been a sportsman, still play, and pass time in collecting jokes, riddles, mathematical tricks, take interest in postage stamp collection. I've been a gymnast, skater, juggler, cricketer, T.T. player, only a moody poet; my evenings pass mostly on the bicycle so to spend time with friends and pass time with them asking riddles, sharing jokes.

Website: I don't have any.

Author's Riddles

A V R A G E (medium)

Question: What does Average mean?

A V R A G E (medium)

Question: What does Average mean?

Y W C A (medium)

Question: What does Y W C A stand for?

Worry (medium)

Question: What is it that no one wants to have, but if he has it, he doesn't want to lose it?

Question: What did Robin Hood say, when Little John fired at him?

Question: Why is a room full of married people like an empty one?